About hotel
Tsar Palace Luxury Hotel & SPA represents unique fusion of tsar luxury, splendid palace traditions of imperial court, modern trends in hospitality and the highest level of service.

Our concept is not only about delivering 5 star hotel services but also in preservation, multiplication and promotion of cultural traditions of such important in historical discourse of Russia place as Tsarskoe Selo. Targets of Tsar Palace Luxury Hotel & SPA brand: establishing itself on the Russian and world hospitality market in terms of cultural and historical paradigm, accumulation of historical and cultural values of Tsarskoe Selo, creation of platform for intercultural communication, development of hotel image which exists and functions within the framework of original tradition in Pushkin.
Creators of hotel interiors were inspired by amazing décor of the Catherine Palace and also by park ensembles in Tsarskoe Selo. The entrance zone of the hotel hosts works by the famous artist Vadim Maslov who took part in painting of two royal palaces in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Also the floor corridors serve as exhibition space for local artists working in various artistic styles.

Lobby and hotel rooms are decorated by exclusive engravings of some famous artists, members of St. Petersburg Union of Artists. Engraving is native for St. Petersburg form of art. From the moment Peter the Great laid the foundation of the city, he invited European masters to create engravings with views of the new city in order to send them to heads of other countries with the aim to display overwhelming sights of the brand new imperial capital.

All engravings created for Tsar Palace Luxury Hotel & SPA are executed in various techniques of graphic art. Most works are unique but there are some subjects copied from old engravings and drawings of old watercolours. Each of two hundred hotel engravings has its art value and represents genre composition or city landscape.
Reception area is adorned by so-called marble carpet – an exceptionally complicated work executed from different types of marble and onyx delivered from Italy, Greece, Turkey and Iran. Basic elements of the marble carpet are two regular shaped circles, classical elements of architectural design, and four golden ciphers executed in the style of Catherine barocco. The whole composition is placed within the frames of one more geometric figure – rectangle and includes other smaller elements. From ancient times the form of circle has had deep symbolic meaning – perfection, eternal motion in the frames of time and out of it, transition from earth to sky, something that has no end and no beginning. Two circles depicted on the marble carpet are connected with each other and create some kind of infinity sign. Infinity sign also has very ancient origin: it was identified on rock carvings in Tibet and featured as snake or dragon named Ouroboros. Snake Ouroboros tried to eat itself by biting off its tail but every time the tail grew longer than before. This process was eternal and Ouroboros became the symbol of infinity, immortality and wisdom.
Figures of the composition on the marble carpet were picked up not randomly: Tsar Palace Luxury Hotel & SPA is in the constant process of perfection, traditions and cultural values of Tsarskoe Selo are immortal and will stay alive forever as they make important contribution to historical heritage of Russia.
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